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I wasn't able to find any documentation supporting this, so I figured I'd ask here. Anyone know if:

A. Does Vyatta have any functionality like WCCP, where I can redirect certain traffic to another one-armed (single nic) virtual appliance, and the have that traffic interpretted back to the Vyatta VM?

B. Know of any other vyatta functionality that may work for this type of solution?




i am looking for the same thing. would love to use vyatta as my primary router for our network, but would like to have something that if the proxy goes down that it doesn't cripple the network. I have used cisco routers in the past and love wccp since that way if squid isn't working, its not registering and the router just flows traffic through.

anyone know if this is on the road map to support wccp? Would also let me use a smaller "embedded" drive for my router and have a virtual server with a larger storage device for cache and communicate via wccp.