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Hi everyone.

I have two subnets ( and which are connected to a computer on which I run Vyatta VC3 Community edition in a VMware Server with two physical ethernet adapters.

Subnet is connected to eth0
Subnet is connected to eth1

I have a host on which broadcasts UDP packets to Il would like the Vyatta router to do some NAT so that this broadcast is transmitted to the subnet (to would be perfect).

I have tried to set up NAT:
Destination NAT
Inbound: eth1
Inside address

I have tried several settings for the other elements (filters, outbound interface, etc ...) without success.

A tcpdump on the Vyatta shell show that the packets arrive to eth1. However, they are not NATed to the second subnet...

(No other protocol or special service active. Vyatta just out of the box, ethernet interfaces configured et tested OK, NAT service configured then...)

Thank you for your help.